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Examples of General Interview Guidance for Program Directors and Administrators•AAMC's Tips for Program Directors.•AAMC's Virtual Interviews: Tips for Interviewers.•AAIM guidance for virtual residency interviewing season. of Resources that Apply an Equity Lens to the In-Person and Virtual Interviewing Process•AAIM Recruitment Health Disparities Collaborative's toolkit for a holistic application and interview process, with brief (<6 minutes) video links to DEI concepts (bias and heuristics, schemas, attitudes and stereotypes, real world consequences, IAT, countermeasures)•Explanation of bias associated with virtual interviews, and strategies to mitigate these bias.76•Reflections from Underrepresented in Medicine applicants on elements that promoted and detracted from inclusivity during the virtual interview process. of Faculty and Staff Development Resources on Implicit Bias•Implicit Association Test: Commonly used to raise awareness of one's own personal bias with the idea that this may help reduce the impact of the bias. Individuals can choose different tests to assess one's automatic preferences (e.g., race, gender, disabilities, sexuality, transgender)•AAMC's webinar on “Addressing Implicit Bias in Virtual Interviews”: 15-minute webinar on implicit vs. explicit bias, and strategies to mitigate biases when conducting and rating interviews. of Behavioral Interview Questions•Develop behavioral interview questions that link to skills or “core values” that a residency feels are essential for an entering intern. Questions should be standardized across applicant interviews.•Potential domains include interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, communication, motivation, compassion, leadership, teamwork, reflection, resiliency, learning from previous mistakes, and diversity, among others. Examples of characteristics and behaviorally-based questions:-Resilience: “Our residents often address difficult or challenging situations. Please give an example of a time when you faced a challenge that tested your coping skills.”64-Internal motivation: “Our residents often go above and beyond. Please describe a time when you went the extra mile when it would have been just as acceptable not to, and why.”64-Conflict resolution: “Tell me about a time you had to deal with conflict within a team.”53